Selected Articles

Medium | Seed Money

Five years in the making, this story of seeds, seed saving and determination follows a mysterious seed collection up and down the Colorado Rockies in search of the proper stewards to bring lost agricultural diversity to life.

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Digging Plants

Welcome to the plant renaissance. Everywhere we look, people are turning to plants with vigor and curiosity, for hobby, diet, health and healing.

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Delicious Living | Crop Circles

The persistently monotonous dietary palate (and a monochromatic agricultural palette) across the U.S. may come as a grim surprise to consumers enjoying the bounty cropping up at natural foods stores and farmers’ markets. And it comes with broad effects.

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Delicious Living | Love. Song.

Music makes us feel. In movies, at concerts. Even when we least expect it, like when that certain song calls—without our consent—a lover, a family member, a long-past moment into the visceral present, still aching or rejoicing with the original emotion.

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NBJ | Crafting the wild

The herbs and botanicals industry depends on wildcrafting for supply, yet the craft may be a dying art. Read PDF here. Read at

Reining in climate change starts with healthy soil.

Delicious Living | Ground rules

Farmer Jason Griffith has been farming in Hygiene, Colorado, for just a few years, but he and others across the country and around the world are learning the importance of taking care of the soil. Read PDF here. Read at

NBJ | Big burritos, big problems:

Growing pains and abdominal pains combined to make 2015 a rough year for Chipotle. Read PDF here.

Earth Island Journal | Wild at Heart

Crops that are naturally resistant to pests and diseases — or resilient to drought and heat — are increasingly desirable to agriculturalists. Yet most crops don’t adapt on their own. In order to develop new crop strains, plant breeders need a wide pool of varieties. There’s just one problem: That pool of genetic diversity is drying up.

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Earth Island Journal | Managing the Wild:

Rocky Mountain National Park Turns 100

RMNP managers have learned a thing or two in the first 100 years — here’s a look back, and forward, to the challenges ahead. Read at

Organic Spa Magazine | Men and Meditation

From captains of industry to returning war veterans struggling with PTSD, more men are practicing daily meditation—and feeling the benefits. Read PDF here. Read at

Edible Front Range | Our Monopolized Food System

A deep mythology exists around even our most precious and organic foodstuffs. Here’s an “animal, vegetable, retail” look into what’s behind our food. Read PDF here.

Organic Spa Magazine | The Magic of Mushrooms

Humans have a complex relationship with fungi, one filled with mystery, excitement and fear. A look into the human and earth healing power of mushrooms. Read PDF here. Read at